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Professional Rug Cleaning in Brentwood CM13

rug-cleaningA precious family heirloom like your Gran's Persian rug needs cleaning, but you don't want to risk damaging it?
Use our professional rug cleaning services quipped to handle the cleaning and maintenance of natural fibered and expensive rugs. Using only natural ingredients that best react with the fibers of your rugs, this procedure will guarantee the safe but thorough cleaning of any textile. You will forget about the dirty spots on your persian rug with our superb services!


Benefits of Booking Us

Being local we can be on location within an hour late at night and early in the morning, ready to give you a cleaning hand anytime you need us. The service covers a wide range of stain and dust removal techniques and can have benefits like:

  • Deep dust removal & color protection
  • Fiber care and cleansing
  • Affordable prices
  • Eco-friendly, children & pet safe solvents
  • Combined bookings discounts of up to 20%

Using the premium Scotchgard treatment we can prolong the life of your rugs and any clean results we get, saving you time and money in the long run. No deposits required. No hidden fees. Whole Lambeth covered. 020 3746 8262

Service Details

Dry cleaning - is the optimal way of approaching any natural fibered rug cleaning. Because of the detergents used in this treatment we can guarantee a superb cleaning without damaging your rugs. We use dry compounds and dust-like detergents to do the actual cleaning with preparation taking place some time before we administer the dry compounds on the rugs. We hoover the textile to remove any outer dust and debris, then apply the detergent with a fine brush and wait for it to take effect. It is then drawn our with a vacuum machine and along with it we extract any dirt and stains that might have been present on the rug. It uses no moisture and generates no heat so its safe for use on gentler materials like satin and silk.

Steam cleaningis preferred when synthetic and woolen materials are encountered as those can best reap the benefits of high pressure and temperature that our steam procedure produces. It is best applied after hoovering the material, drawing out any contaminants that might be in the way of the process. We apply the detergent and steam with a jet that immediately disintegrates the stain or dirt and draws it our with a high powered vacuum attachment, the only thing that is left behind is a small portion of the moisture used that should dry anywhere between 1-2 hours.

Booking: How to do it!

Call us at 020 3746 8262 and ask for this service, or use the booking form located on the website and specify there your needs and which service you'd like to use. With a one click submission this is the fastest way of getting us to come over and help you out. Visit the live chat for more information on anything that you might be curious about.