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Deep mattress cleaning in Brentwood CM13

mattress-cleaning-brentwoodWe'd like to think that our beds are the safest place in the universe, while the fact of the matter is that over 30% of its overall weight is comprised of dead skin cells, the carcasses and fecal matter of numerous bed bug or dust mite populations and the living ones present.
This can cause many health issues and can be a risk to your health altogether, call Brentwood Local Cleaners and all of this will be a thing of the past.


Why Choosing Us?

With our help you will not have to worry about bed bugs, bad odors, stains left from your pets or anything else mattress related for that matter. We use all natural detergents so toxins and bad chemicals will not be used on the bed nor anywhere near it. With a service like ours you can enjoy:

  • 100% spot & odour removal
  • Fungal & bed bugs elimination
  • Emergency appointments
  • Reasonable prices
  • Multiple order discount

    So do you want to enjoy a clean mattress and bugs free nights? If so, pick up the phone and dial 020 3746 8262 or get a free quote online. We can quickly dispatch a team of skilled and agency managed technicians, what will fully sanitize your bed furniture and even give you useful post cleaning advices.

    Service description

    U.V Lights treatment - the hardest part about removing bed bugs and dust mites from mattresses and pillows is killing the critters in all stages of development. While young they are quite vulnerable, but adult bed bugs are quite more resilient than their offspring. This is where our state of the art U.V lights come in action - the specific wave length of the light our machines emit, makes it possible to resonate through all of the layers of the mattress and kill any bed bugs in its way. This method is also quite effective against fungal infestations and other forms of microbial life. Once the UV lights have done their job, we remove all nasty particle leftovers with a vacuum cleaner and there you go – your mattress is fully sanitized once again!

    Steam cleaning - it's a good way of removing stains from all kinds of furniture – sofas, couches, mattresses. Because it uses high pressure steam in conjunction with a detergent, this procedure is the shock trooper of cleaning techniques. It is fast and efficient and removes odours, dust, bed bugs and other nasty things that are prowling around. We draw everything out with vacuum and leave your bed to dry for 2-3 hours.

    Booking An Appointment Right Away!

    To book and schedule a visit from our expert mattress cleaning team, just call 020 3746 8262 or fill out our online booking form and our customer care team will do all of the rest. Don't worry about fitting us in your schedule, we are flexible and can visit at any time of the day, even after working hours or even early in the morning. No deposits required. No hidden charges.