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Expert Curtain Cleaning In Brentwood CM13

curtain-cleaning-brentwoodThe textile of your curtains is a magnet for dust and flying particles. With time it will accumulate more than 30% of its original weight in dust and grime and release it into the air, lowering the quality of air and increase the risk of respiratory issues. No, worries – you can prevent this, by simply calling us. Choose Local Cleaners Brentwood CM13 now and we will deal with any curtain cleaning jobs you may have for us. With 10 years of experience and a lot of knowledge you can be sure that our technicians are prepared for the task!

Benefits Of Booking Our Curtain Cleaning Service

Drapery acts like a big air filter, trapping dust in the fibers, which can cause colour dullness, stale and unpleasant smells and overall ruin he experience that a curtain can provide. Luckily our professional cleaning service can take care of that as well as:

  • Any type of stain
  • Cleaning suitable for all fiber types
  • Colour protection and rejuvenation
  • Textile backing cleaning
  • Deep dust accumulations and unpleasant smells

Call us now on 020 3746 8262 and all of this can be accomplished all in all, for the price of only one of our services, thus providing you a great value for performance ration. Reasonable prices. No upfront deposits. Whole Brentwood CM13 served!

Service Details

Dry cleaning - is optimized to handle the cleaning of gentle and easy to damage materials like a satin and silk, mostly used in drapery and upholstery. For this procedure we have a special approach that allows us to clean your drapery without damaging it or causing any excessive wrinkles that gravity cannot fix. To properly clean the textile, however, we need to take the curtain down and clean it on a flat surface so the dry compound we are using can best react with the fibers and filth that was bound to them. We apply the detergent using a fine brush then wait for it to react with the filth inside and draw everything out using vacuum.

Steam cleaning - is a more optimal way of cleaning drapery as it does not require for us to take them down, but rather we use a mobile steam machine which can reach up high and properly remove stains and odours from the textiles of your drapery. For best results it should be used on woolen or synthetic materials as their fibers better react to water and high temperatures. We use a nozzle to spray and draw all of the moisture and gunk out, leaving only a very small portion of water used to be dried within an hour or two.

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