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carpet-cleaningWine spills, oily food stains, dog urine...Your carpet must look terrible! All that dirt does not only make your living room look and smell bad, but it also affects your health. Dust mites amassed in your rug or upholstery's fibers can cause you various allergic reactions (such as sinus infections) and allergies (asthma). It's time to clean all that filth and bring back freshness in your home. Choose our cleaning services now and we guarantee you 100% stain & germs removal. Let us fight the dirt and mites!

Why Should You Book Us?

Аrmed with the best cleaning machines that money can buy, employing skilled and fully certified cleaning technicians, we can guarantee you a fantastic carpet cleaning results and great value for every penny you've spent. Using natural and bio-degradable Prochem  cleaning detergents we can make sure that no stain will stick and that no soiling will be left unchecked! Selecting us will also get you:

  • Recognized cleaning service provider
  • Full carpet & upholstery restoration
  • Fixed & decent rates
  • Highly adjustable booking slots
  • Continuous hot offers

Book our cleaning services now and get your carpet's gleaming look. You can contact us at 020 3746 8262 or get a free online quote. Either way, our 24/7 call center agents will quickly respond and help you choose the best  cleaning services available. We do not require deposits, neither do we charge you additionally for weekend & holidays appointments. Entire Brentwood CM13 served.

Carpet Cleaning Approaches

carpet-cleaning-brentwoodSteam cleaning - with a wide application needed to clean large areas like a wall-to-wall carpet, steam cleaning can remove stains on a large scale while still keeping a relatively balanced Ph level, which helps with the overall quality of the colors of any carpet. We administer the cleaning solution with a high-pressure steam jet, both of which have applications in the situation. The steam blast away dirt and dust, while the detergent attacks hard to remove stains. Everything is simultaneously extracted with a high-performance vacuum machine and is left to dry for 2-3 hours. The ideal of household and office us.

Dry cleaning- is a far gentler approach which is best applied on natural fibered carpets that require special attention. It is gentle, quick and uses no moisture nor does it generate heat making it ideal for working with old and gentle materials like silk, cotton, and sisal. We apply the dust-like detergent on the carpet and spread it over with a fine brush which helps it imbed itself into the fibers and react with the stains and dirt inside. It is left to bind with the stain and is then drawn out along with all of the filth leaving a clean, ready to use carpet.

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To book any of these cleaning services or contact us late at night call 020 3746 8262 and the dedicated customer rep team will be sure to answer any of your questions in a timely manner. Use the booking form for instant booking or join the live chat to receive answers to questions immediately. Select two or more  cleaning services and you'll get up to 20% discount off the price!

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